Faculty & Staff

Faculty members are responsible for inspiring and educating the future generations of Iowans.  Through the expansive faculty knowledge base, our students will go on to become experts in their field.  Faculty members also provide extensive research capability that benefit Iowans every day in every county of the state.

Staff members at Iowa State University continue to inspire through many different aspects of campus life and community development. Our staff helps ensure the success of Iowa State by engaging current and prospective students, alumni, donors, and the business community.

Iowa State University performs research in many areas that have significant impact across the state. One prominent area of study is on food and nutrition. We are discovering how food influences health and disease and how to improve the quality and safety of our food supply. Our faculty engage with all aspects of food production from farms to factories – which represents the most important economic sector of our state. Iowa State University delivers knowledge, creates opportunities, and accomplishes breakthroughs that improve the lives of Iowans.
— Ruth MacDonald, Professor and Chair, Food Science and Human Nutrition