Iowa State University alumni play a critical role in the success of Iowa State. Alums from all generations can look at their time at Iowa State as their true start to greatness. As an alum, you have a unique experience that is worth sharing as to how Iowa State enabled you to become successful and why it is important for future alums to have the same opportunities.

There are successful alumni all over the country. To view the list of legislators who attended and graduated from Iowa State University, click here.

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Iowa State University Alumni by County



It’s important to stay engaged with the institution that opened the door to great experiences that have had a positive influence on my personal and professional life. Iowa State University is a major international university that uniquely offers a rich student experience and that offered me the resources I needed to secure success, so I want to ensure the same types of life changing opportunities continue to be available for future generations of Iowa State Alumni.
— Delwyn Bluhm, ISU alumnus (B.S.-1958, M.S.-1964 and Ph.D.-1972)