Undergraduate Resident Financial Aid

$5 million

In February 2017, the General Assembly approved mid-year permanent funding reductions for FY 2017 resulting from lower than projected tax revenues totaling $20.75 million across the three public universities. In April 2017, the General Assembly further reduced funding for FY 2018 by an additional $9.58 million. In total, Regent higher education appropriations for FY 2018 are $30.33 million less than original FY 2017 appropriated amounts.

State funding levels for higher education remain significantly less than FY 2009 amounts while enrollment has grown significantly during this same period. Looking farther back, higher education appropriations in FY 2001 were more than $65 million greater than those of FY 2018.

The State of Iowa has no financial aid funding designated solely for students attending Iowa’s public universities. Therefore, funding of $12 million ($5 million for ISU, $5 million for U of I, and $2 million for UNI) is requested for financial aid to be awarded to resident undergraduate students to attend Iowa’s public universities.

When comparing states by the percent of need-based aid awarded to students at public institutions, Iowa is last in the country (50th). Moving up one spot to 49th would require more than $20 million dedicated to the students attending Iowa’s public universities.

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