Cooperative Extension Service

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has the structure in place to quickly connect the campus to all 99 counties, and the ability to efficiently respond to high priority topics affecting all aspects of life. The transfer of university research based knowledge to our citizens across Iowa provides them the information to make good decisions impacting their health, communities, youth, and environment.

Funding supports Extension and Outreach initiatives addressing critical issues that significantly impact Iowans, including Avian Influenza outbreaks, drought, floods, widespread plant and animal diseases, insects (emerald ash borer), and policy changes. Resources ensure that ISU can provide immediate response and education to take on these challenges, and support practical research, surveillance, and programmatic efforts to help communities and individuals plan ahead. Nutrient Reduction Strategy implementation also is a critical issue and a continuing priority of Iowa agriculture. State funding allows for education and demonstration projects at the local level to show farmers how to effectively incorporate research-based practices into their farming operation, reducing loss of nutrients to surface water.

Extension focuses on farm operation and land transitions to future generations for continued success of farm businesses beyond the current operators. Funding strengthens programming in retirement planning for older generations, financial and production management for younger generations, and training of professionals to serve both audiences. Farm financial stress is increasing as grain, livestock, and milk prices have decreased faster than production expenses. Extension programming helps farmers examine finances, evaluate alternatives, and make decisions for the future.

State funding also strengthens extension’s ability to assist small-business development and expansion for retailers, entrepreneurs, and the tourism, agritourism, and local food sectors. In addition, funding strengthens programming to build skills in Iowa’s K-12 youth to improve their college and career readiness.

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