Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Facility Project

$100 million over 5 years

The caseload at the VDL has doubled over the past five years. The 40 year-old facility, originally built for 11 faculty and 20 technical staff members, now houses 25 faculty and more than 115 technical staff. As a result, an updated standalone facility is needed to keep pace with biosafety and service needs. Currently, the space is grossly outdated and potentially hazardous. In addition, recent accreditation reports have pointed to numerous concerns that put safety and service levels at serious risk:

  • Biosafety and biocontainment are compromised due to poor layout and airflow.
  • Current programs are severely overcrowded, with minimal room to expand or pursue new technologies that keep ahead of emerging diseases
  • Outdated plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems do not support biosecurity needs.
  • Current space limits collaboration and puts ISU at a serious disadvantage when attracting or retaining top student and faculty talent

With a growing global demand for meat protein and expanding international markets, a state-of-the-art VDL is critical for the early detection and effective response to disease outbreaks that may affect Iowa producers’ access to foreign markets. Iowa is already at the center of this emerging global economic trend, producing 27% of pork and 13% of beef in the U.S.

Upon construction of the new VDL, 50,000 square feet will be vacated in the Vet Med building. This will provide the college with an opportunity to reallocate the vacated space to address the college’s critical shortage of space for academic programs and scholarly research.