Agriculture Experiment Station  

$597,738 increase                                     

Incremental funds are requested to support the on-going efforts of the Agriculture Experiment Station. Agricultural science and technology help prepare Iowa’s animal and crop systems for the future and ensure progress in environmental stewardship. Science-based knowledge is essential to continue agriculture’s significant contributions to the state economy and job creation. Science is also the key to: more sustainably produce food, energy and everyday materials; protect plant, animal and human health; and care for the environment.

State funding for the Agriculture Experiment Station leverages success in competitive funding; over the past seven years, ISU agricultural researchers have brought in more than $369 million in external funding. Additional state funding for the Agriculture Experiment Station would help address critical needs in Iowa agriculture such as improved soil and water conservation technologies; adding economic value to meats and grains; alleviating seasonal environmental impacts on livestock; and enhancing animal health and disease resistance.